12 volt outdoor lighting

The greatest advantage of in-lite's 12 volt outdoor lighting is that you can install or adjust it yourself or have your landscaper do it for you. If you choose a 100-240 volt system, an electrician is often required to install it. Equally as important, 12 volt (low voltage) is 100% safe.

in-lite 12 volt outdoor lighting: plug & play

The in-lite 12 volt system is easy to install and does not require any technical knowledge. You can also easily adjust or expand the lighting yourself. All fixtures in our product range are based on low voltage technology, so you can connect different types of fixtures to the same cable.

Adjust as needed

You can adjust your in-lite 12 volt garden lighting however you want. For example, our lighting can turn on automatically when it gets dark and turn off after the required period of time.

Safe to use

The low voltage cables can be installed directly under paving or in borders under a layer of soil. The low voltage cables are absolutely safe, even if they become damaged. So, unlike 100-240 volt cables, they do not need to be buried 60 cm (2 feet) or more below the ground. This is a reassuring thought, especially with children playing outdoors or pets digging up the soil in your garden.

12 volt buitenverlichting

Fast installation

Our 12 volt outdoor lighting is fast and easy to install. Having a lighting plan simplifies this process. With a lighting plan, it is merely a question of installing the transformer, rolling out the cable and connecting the lighting to the designated spots.

The system can be easily expanded (modular structure) by splicing and connecting cables. This is convenient if you’re not quite sure what you want, but want to start installing outdoor lighting as soon as possible. Naturally, you can also have a landscaper install your 12 volt garden lighting. He or she can also devise a lighting plan for you.