LED outdoor lighting

LED landscape lighting has become the most sustainable and energy-efficient solution for illuminating patios, gardens (and public outdoor areas). When it comes to light output and ambiance, thanks to the current technology, LED landscape lighting is an excellent alternative for garden lights with traditional light bulbs or halogen light sources.

Low voltage LED lighting for outdoor

The LED outdoor lighting range from in-lite makes it possible to illuminate almost anything. From lighting up a pathway to spotlighting a tree or even casting light on a pond. We design our own fixtures and work together with leading manufacturers of high-quality LED technology. Our LED light sources are characterized by long service life and extremely low energy consumption.

LED outdoor lighting cost-efficient in the long term

Although LED outdoor lighting may be slightly more expensive to purchase than halogen lighting, it is much more affordable in the long term. We guarantee that your electric bill will be significantly lower when you make the switch from halogen to LED. LED outdoor lighting consumes far less energy than halogen lighting. You also save on the transformer when buying LED lighting since LED’s require less energy transfer and power consumption. Lastly, the lifespan of LED lighting is significantly longer than that of halogen or other lighting sources. Halogen lighting, in particular, requires frequent bulb replacement.

LED tuinverlichting