Connecting the lighting

in-lite lighting is connected to the low voltage cable using the in-lite Easy-Lock and mini-connector. When connecting our fixtures, always follow the instructions given in the manual, as well as our installation do’s and don’ts. You can also watch our instruction video 'installing in-lite in just 5 easy steps'.

Landscape lighting installation tips

  • Always test in-lite lighting before installing it
  • Join the Easy-Lock connector to the main cable. There are two cable ducts. The duct with the narrowest slot is suitable for the 14/2 and 10/2 main cable. When using the old (thick) 10/2 cable, you should use the duct with the wide slot (also see this illustration).
  • Make sure you can easily access the Easy-Lock later on, if necessary. When integrating in-lite lighting, it is advisable to place the Easy-Lock directly under the hole in the sand bed.
  • Make sure the fixture cable is long enough. Special extension cables in 1 and 3 meters are available that are easy to connect between the mini-connector on the fixture and the mini-connector on the Easy-Lock.
  • Use a clean plastic hammer or rubber mallet for driving fixtures. This prevents damage to the fixture.
Important! The construction of in-lite fixtures takes extreme conditions in a garden into account as much as possible. But lighting is a technical product and the electronics in LED fixtures can be susceptible to failure; improper installation of a fixture can result in defects.
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  • Make a hole of the right size. Our dealers have special tools for this. Never remove all ribs from a fixture. If the ribs need to be removed for it to fit, the hole is too small and this will result in the fixture being subjected to excessive pressure.
  • Never drive a fixture into a crooked hole, as this almost always causes problems.
  • Remove the protective plastic layer from the fixture immediately after installation. Weathering can make this more difficult to remove later on.
  • in-lite lighting can only be connected to 100-240 volts if the product manual or website clearly indicates that this is possible.

Never combine in-lite lighting with cables or transformers from other manufacturers; LED electronics in particular are susceptible to malfunction or fluctuations in the system.