Installing the transformer

The transformer controls the lighting and must have sufficient capacity. This is easy to determine by adding up the capacity (wattage) of all fixtures in your lighting plan. Installing in-lite yourself? Please watch the video 'installing in-lite in just 5 easy steps' and learn how to safely install your in-lite system.

Transformer installation tips

  • For ideal light output, load the transformer with a maximum of 90% of total capacity. A 56 watt transformer, for example, should be loaded with a maximum of 50 watts of fixtures.
  • Mount the transformer on a wall or post. Do not lay it in the soil or place it close to a sprinkler system.
  • Always use cable lugs to connect the cable to the transformer (provided with all transformers). If not, the transformer can become too hot, possibly causing damage.
Transformator kabel aansluiten
  • Never place the light sensor where it can be influenced by artificial light, such as car headlights, street lighting or garden lighting. Important! The transparent cover provides the light sensor with added protection from moisture, so it should not be removed.
  • It is advisable to set the transformer to the desired number of burn hours (timer) in combination with the light sensor. The lighting will then only turned on for the set number of hours from sundown, thereby saving energy.