Light in different sizes

To achieve the best possible results, the type of light emitted by the garden light and how it is used are important aspects to consider. We have grouped our fixtures into three different light intensities: Small, Medium and Large. A fixture with small lighting, for example, can highlight a deck or border, while large lighting can be used to spotlight a large tree or wall. This makes it easy to choose the right garden lighting for your garden.

Small light
Medium light
Large light
  • Low intensity
  • Reach of up to 1.5 meter or 5 feet
  • For highlighting a pathway, driveway, deck, pond edge, border, low wall, step, recessed sitting area or fence

Show small lighting

  • Medium-high intensity
  • Reach of 1.5 to 3 meters or 5 to 10 feet
  • For highlighting a statue, shrub, small tree, garden wall or fence

Show medium lighting

  • High intensity
  • Reach of over 3 meters or over 10 feet
  • For highlighting an outer wall, large statue, bush or tree

Show large lighting