Like the rest of your garden, in-lite garden lighting requires maintenance. These simple tips can help keep your outdoor lighting in great shape.

Cleaning your outdoor lights

Make sure to clean your garden lights with a clean rag and hot water at least once year, the spring is a perfect time for this. For safety reasons, we advise you to switch the electricity off before doing so. This must always be done for fixtures connected to 100-240 volts!

Maintenance of stainless steel parts

Even though stainless steel is rust-proof, dirt deposits, fertilizers and salts can cause the metal to oxidize or become discolored. Special care products are available for stainless steel parts: INNOSOFT B570 / INNOSOFT B580. Following installation, it is best to treat fixtures with these special care products and repeat this treatment once a year. These special care products can also be used in the event that oxidation occurs. See the leaflet for more information or ask your dealer or landscaper for details.


Bulb replacement

If your outdoor lighting has halogen or light bulbs, you will have to replace the bulbs regularly (depending on how often and for how many hours your lighting is used). This is not necessary with our LED outdoor lights.

Seasonal light

Your garden, patio or deck has a different character in the winter and in the summer. Spring and fall are the best times to take a critical look at the lighting in your backyard. Are any changes needed?

Remember that you spend little time in the garden in the winter and will mostly be viewing it from inside your home. During the dark winter months, you will enjoy having a well-lit backyard. Being able to see your backyard from inside not only provides a special ambiance but also a greater sense of safety. Conversely, during the summer, light should be used to accent your deck and garden. Our lighting is easy to move, so you can make changes to your lighting plan at any time. After all, your garden is a living environment.