Now available: video installing in-lite outdoor lighting in 5 easy steps

About the video

This video titled ‘Installing in-lite outdoor lighting in 5 easy steps’ is a video that walks the viewer through the whole process of installing the in-lite system. The video demonstrates which steps are involved to deliver a perfectly working in-lite system.

Broken down into 5 steps, the video starts with 1. Installing the transformer, 2. Connecting the cable, 3. Connecting the Easy-Lock, 4. Connecting the Mini-connector and the final step 5. Installing the fixture.

The video is short (2:34) but contains the basic steps for safely installing our system, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are with installing low-voltage outdoor lighting.

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You can find more video's on our vimeo channel. 

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installing in-lite outdoor lighting in 5 easy steps