Our product

in-lite develops its own products. This allows us to offer a leading range of (LED) outdoor lighting.

Construction and installation

Our fixtures are designed to handle the extreme conditions in your garden or backyard. The installation of our products is easy and requires very little technical expertise. When connecting our fixtures, always follow the instructions given in the manual and the list of do's and don'ts. Alternatively, you can always contact a landscaper. Always make sure the system components can be accessed. This goes for the fixtures, transformers, Easy-Locks, cable connectors (CC-2) and the mini-connector.

Burn time

Our LED light sources are characterized by long service lives and low energy consumption. The manufacturer of our LED light sources indicates a service life of 25,000 burn hours. However, this is under ideal circumstances only and may be subject to some variance. In other words, it cannot be compared to the actual circumstances in which a fixture with this type of LED light source is used. Factors like weather, incorrect assembly and voltage fluctuations in the power network can negatively affect the number of burn hours.


We offer an extensive warranty policy. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs with your in-lite outdoor lighting, you may invoke the warranty under the stated conditions. This guarantees that your satisfied with your lighting for years to come!

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