Outdoor Spotlights

The LED outdoor spots in our spot range are perfect for illuminating unique elements in the garden, such as statues, trees or bushes. You can easily insert our outdoor spots into the soil or use a ground plate to mount them on to a hard surface. See our LED outdoor lighting page for more details.
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Accent lighting LED 4W
Accent lighting LED 2W
garden lighting in-lite MINI SCOPE
Underwater lighting LED 4,5W
Outdoor lighting in-lite SUB
Accent lighting LED 4.5W
garden lighting in-lite SCOPE
Accent lighting LED 7W
outdoor lighting in-lite BIG SCOPE
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Lighting intensity
in-lite fixtures are divided into three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. These represent the light intensity and reach. Small lighting, for example, can highlight a deck or border, while large lighting can be used to spotlight a large tree or wall. This makes it much easier to choose the right fixture.

Light source
in-lite sells fixtures with various types of light sources: LED, halogen and traditional light bulbs. LED is the most sustainable and energy-efficient option.