Why install landscape lighting

No garden without outdoor lighting. For half the time anyway. That’s because we spend half of our lives in the dark unable to see our garden. What should you consider when buying lighting and what are the advantages of in-lite lighting? Find the answers here!

Outdoor lighting for nighttime garden enjoyment

An illuminated garden, patio or deck makes it more pleasurable to sit outdoors on summer nights. Outdoor lighting lets you enjoy a beautifully lit garden all year long. That not only creates a sense of safety, but lets you bring the outdoors inside. Finally, lighting also serves a functional purpose. It helps you drive your car to the right driveway, see the pathway to your front door and find the keyhole. In a nutshell, the right outdoor lighting gives you greater enjoyment of your garden or deck. What is important to consider when buying outdoor lighting?

12 volts and 100-240 volts

Outdoor lighting is available based on 12 volts and 100-240 volts. A certified electrician is often needed to install lighting based on 100-240 volts. in-lite offers outdoor lighting based on 12 volt (low voltage). You can install this type of garden lighting yourself or have a landscaper do it for you. The low voltage cables are 100% safe, even if they become damaged. So, unlike 100-240 volt cables, they do not need to be buried at least 60 cm below the ground. The 12 volt cable can be installed directly under paving or in borders under a layer of soil. This is a reassuring thought, especially with children playing outdoors or pets digging up soil. The in-lite system can also be used when larger distances in the garden need to be covered. We offer a heavier 12 volt cable for this purpose.

LED outdoor lighting cost-efficient in the long term

LED outdoor lighting has improved tremendously in recent years in terms of efficiency and is now the most sustainable and energy-efficient solution available for illuminating outdoor areas. Although the purchase price is still slightly higher, in most cases LED outdoor lighting ends up being more affordable in the long run. Since LED lights consume less energy than traditional light sources, you can usually use a less expensive transformer and cable*.

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Lower energy consumption also results in a lower electric bill. And since the service life of LED lights is much longer than that of traditional light sources, there is minimal cost to replace the light source of LED fixtures.

* Depending on the total capacity of the fixtures in your lighting plan.

Five-year warranty

When it comes to LED outdoor lighting, there are significant differences in the quality of products available in the market. in-lite has years of experience with LED outdoor lighting. We develop our own fixtures so that we can guarantee the quality of our products. And that is why we offer a five-year warranty.


Looking for lighting ideas for your garden or deck? Have a look at our brochure or one of our three inspiration gardens. Inspired? We’d be happy to help you devise a lighting plan for your garden.


in-lite products are sold through a network of service-oriented partners specialized in designing outdoor spaces - professionals in other words. Find a dealer near you or ask your landscaper for more information.